Welcome to Bhutan

Welcome to Bhutan

Welcome to Bhutan. Your link to trip Asia and trek, travel to Bhutan, tour Asia travel, visit Bhutan tour, Trek Himalaya, exploring Bhutan trip, visit Asia, trip to Bhutan, Travel Agents, Agency, Agencies, Trekking, Tourism, Operator. Creativity is the key ingredient that takes one’s experiences from trips, travels or treks to the next level, making it extra special. We at Creative tours understand this, and staying true to our name we dedicate ourselves in creating a once in a life time experience for our valued guests traveling to Himalayan kingdom.

Bhutan is now ranked as one of the top ten tourist destination in the world and your trip to Asia or doing trek in Asia is never complete without experiencing the true essence of Bhutan Tourism.

People travel for different reasons. While some travel solely for the challenge and to enjoy new experiences, others try to find themselves through learning a new language, experiencing new cultures, witnessing new things, trying a new cuisine, or just by having fun. Travel to Bhutan or Bhutan tour provides it all, be it in the form of a custom cultural tour with first hand view of the festivals in Bhutan, or adventure tourism that will take you to the most challenging of treks through the high passes (the route least traveled), special Bhutan bird watching tours, Bhutan mountain biking Tours, Bhutan Photography Tours, among others.

The flexibility in the variety of itineraries we offer is designed to meet both the budget and expectations of our valued guests. Our potential key words like travel Himalaya and trek Himalaya are great opportunities to explore the unexplored parts of small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. You can learn the unique culture and tradition of Bhutan. Our tradition is best described in the form of phallic icons that adorn the walls of our homes, our very own fiery emadatsi that epitomizes Bhutanese taste, the pristine environment that add a rugged feature which is unrivaled in beauty, and of all the warmth of our people as they smile through their doma-stained teeth is a tradition most of us, Bhutanese, take pride in. These are the components that make Bhutan truly a tourist delight. “Happiness is a place” and happy we are!

Our quality service and dynamism makes us Bhutan’s most sought after travel agency. We target our efforts to achieving excellence and adding fun and value to any tours and treks you wish to undertake. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we leave no stones unturned to guarantee the best.

Our wide range of trips with experienced English speaking guides takes you to comfortable accommodations arranged in traditionally built hotels and lodges across Bhutan, and with food to please every palate. It is sure to make your stay in Bhutan a truly memorable one.

The treks are made memorable by the experienced team of trek leaders and crew. We personally arrange food supplies and provisions ensuring quality and hygiene during the trek. The supplies including tents are carried by our porters and pack animals. The treks are filled with fun by the trek leaders who share their vast knowledge on Bhutanese culture, religion, history and nature.

Over the years in tourism business, we have gathered several feed backs from our clients. Their frank views and sincere comments made us refine our itineraries to meet the changing demands of our clients across the globe. We exercise flexibility in the itineraries and modify them in accordance to the client’s demand, and continually strive to create everlasting impression on our clients during their stay in Bhutan.

To help us serve you with itineraries, Tour Package, Bhutan Cultural Tours, Bhutan Festival Tours, Trek Himalaya, Bhutan private Tours, Bhutan Botanical Tours, Bhutan Mountain Biking Tours of your travel Bhutan or Bhutan Tour taste, kindly email us at bct@druknet.bt. It will be our pleasure to offer customized itineraries and tours to you and your family and friends because you are important to us!

Visit Bhutan, the land lost in time, and leave eventually having found yourself…