Trekking in Himalaya

Trekking in Himalaya

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If you decide for a trekking experience in the Himalayas, it is always wise to go with only the best Himalayan trekking companies.

Trekking in Himalaya isn’t like trekking in any other part of the world. Roads can be treacherous and full of perils unless you have a seasoned guide with you.

If you wish to do trekking in Himalaya then check with Bhutan trekking company which specializes in offering adventure Himalaya trekking packages.

Lofty mountains, deep valleys and rushing streams untouched by modernization are a treat for the trekkers. To offer maximum exposure to visitors trekking company in Asia design packages that will give an up,close and personal experience with nature and its indigenous people. Trekking in Bhutan is a different experience and trekkers hardly meet other trekkers on their way. The trekking is made adventurous yet memorable as trekkers move through a range of forests from the dense subtropical forest in the south to the alpine shrubs and snow-capped mountains in the north. The rich flora and fauna diversity in these forests makes Bhutan one of the hot spots in the world.

A trekker often has to walk for several days before sighting a village, which is a delight to all trekkers after days of long trek. In the dead silent dawn, the cockerel makes a make up call to the trekkers. A hot mug of tea with a breath-taking mountain views greets the trekkers in the morning. The right time to capture the view of deep red and orange flowers of rhododendron in the Himalayas is in the month of April and May. For all high altitude treks over 4000m in Bhutan, the best periods are October-November and March-May. The best season for trekking is autumn, after the rainy season, when skies are clear. According to the client’s demand, our treks range from simple and easy to adventurous and challenging treks. Areas in the east central region offer good opportunities for easy to moderate treks with cultural experience. For those looking for challenging treks, the Snowman treks offer the remotest and demanding trekking anywhere in the Himalayas.

All treks are efficiently executed by the seasoned guides, a cook, an assistant and pack animals. Each day, the support crew starts the trek ahead of the other trekking party and pitches camp and prepares tea and refreshments. To ensure quality, hygiene and comfort we engage personally in the supply of food and other provisions. A trained cook and an assistant carefully plan and prepare meals. A choice of at least four fresh dishes is served for breakfast and dinner at the camp site. In the afternoon of the trek, a picnic lunch is served at the best site with scenic beauty. Our guides make treks lively and memorable with their traditional humors on culture, religion, history and nature. Towards the end of the day, trekkers are greeted at the camp sites with hot tea and refreshments in the dinning tent or in the open ground whichever is preferred. The cook prepares a buffet of delicious dishes for supper.