Southern Bhutan

Southern Bhutan

Known to be the ecological hub, the southern Bhutan has seven southern districts. They are Samtse, Chukha, Dagana, Tsirang, Sarpang, Zhemgang and Pemagatshel. For the nature oriented tours with irresistible cultural highlights the district of Zhemgang is recommended. The district has the famous Dunmang hot spring known to cure several ailments. You can also find other hot springs in Sarpang district.

Other tour activities and attractions includes the Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary, the Royal Manas National Park, the tropical fruits and numerous species of medicinal plants and the culture of the Khengpas and the Lhotsampas.

The Lhotsampas are the ethnic race of Nepalese origin, settled in the southern part of Bhutan. Mostly Hindus, their rituals and festivals are very colorful.

Destinations in Southern Bhutan

The main inhabitants of Sarpang are known as “Lhotshampas”. They are nature worshippers and provide great diversity of cultural experiences. In the recent year, Sarpang has been inhabited by a mixture of almost every ethnic group in Bhutan comprising of the Sharchopas, Ngalops, Bumthaps, Khengpas, Kurtoeps and then Lhotshampas.

“Khengpas” are the original inhabitants of Zhemgang. For many years, the region remained closed to tourism. Recently, a small part of Zhemgang was opened for bird watching and the opened region has become the jewel of tourism in Bhutan. People of Zhemgang divide themselves under three regions of upper, middle and lower Kheng.

Explore the South Circuit’s Natural side

As the hub of Bhutan’s faunal diversity the southern region of the country offers unique nature trips. Trek or hike in Zhemgang and you will be greeted by the endemic species of primates called the Golden Langur. Another specialty of Zhemgang is the Rufous-necked Hornbill. It is the southern region where we can watch wild gaurs, elephants, rhinos, tigers, clouded leopard and any you would want to see in a tropical jungle.