Nepal – a must visit destination in Asia

Nepal-must visit destination in AsiaWelcome to Nepal- a must visit destination in Asia, a beautiful Himalayan country with a bountiful of opportunities that will satiate the needs of any visitor. Mostly known for the majestic Mount Everest and as home of the brave Gurkhas – other significant features of Nepal that will please and cater to the traveling needs of people from around the globe is often overlooked.

It is one of the best travel destinations in Asia and offers varied tourism activities. Be it the option to test yourself to some of the most extreme adventures in the Himalayan mountains and glacial rivers, take that refreshing walks through villages rich in tradition and history, get lost in the magic of cultural tours, visit the most pilgrimage sites in the world, or witness the natural marvel through the jungle safaris – Nepal provides it all.

map_of_nepal-300x225Nepal’s rich history can be best seen in the ancient monuments, sacred old temples and numerous museums spread across the country. It is a place that sees a harmonious mix of different lifestyles, ethnicity, religion, and the diverse culture and tradition. These are the ingredients that go into making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Its geographical location is another asset. Nepal’s biodiversity is unrivalled and today the country is considered one of the most ecologically gifted of countries in the world.

Today, tourism in Nepal incorporates some of the new technologies while retaining most of its old treasures. This in turn makes it possible for the guests to experience the ultimate travel delights Nepal offers.

Nepal Tour Package

Kathmandu-Boudhanath-04-Boudhanath-Stupa-From-Entrance-300x200Travelling into Nepal constitutes of special sightseeing trip in Nepal, visit to sacred Hindu and Buddhist temples, exploration of the jungles and wildlife of Nepal, challenging treks and expedition in the Himalayan range that includes the opportunity to conquer the highest peak in the world – the mount Everest. Nepal is indeed blessed with abundance of tour delights or tourist attractions. This makes our job of making a variety Read More…

Adventure holiday in Nepal

Adventure holiday in NepalNepal being home to some of the highest Himalayan Mountain is a paradise for adventurers from around the world. The trekking opportunities in Nepal are many and a trekker can choose from the wide assortment of trekking itineraries. The choices can range from the ultimate experience of conquering Mt. Everest to the relatively easy and short treks that keep cultural exploration of Nepal at the core of its design Read More…