Explore the South Circuit’s Natural side

Explore the South Circuit’s Natural side

As the hub of Bhutan’s faunal diversity the southern region of the country offers unique nature trips. Trek or hike in Zhemgang and you will be greeted by the endemic species of primates called the Golden Langur. Another specialty of Zhemgang is the Rufous-necked Hornbill. It is the southern region where we can watch wild gaurs, elephants, rhinos, tigers, clouded leopard and any you would want to see in a tropical jungle.

The huge range of altitude from 300 to almost 3000 m above sea level makes Zhemgang a good haven for flower enthusiasts from spring till early summer. Sarpang is basically a low land region and the best known flowers in these regions are the tropical orchids.

Tourism in summer is closed in the southern region. The heavy monsoonal rains and road blocks in summer restrict visits to these regions. But spring, autumn and winter are ideal bird watching months. Zhemgang itself is a haven for many specialties in the Himalayas. Almost all the extinct species in the north-east Himalayas are still seen in the south circuit.

The wildlife sanctuary at Manas is home to many endemic animals. The main highlights are endemic Golden Langur, tigers, clouded leopards, elephants, wild gaurs and many more. Manas is accessible from Zhemgang as well as from Sarpang. You must try excursions on the great Royal Manas Park and Kayaking on the Manas River. As for Sarpang, the highlight will be Phibsoo Wildlife sanctuary. The place is forested and visitors are requested not expect five star hotels in these areas though tented camps will be readily available.

Do you like to explore the unexplored? If yes, then we recommend you to travel on foot to remote villages and be surprised to see a world you have not seen before. Some villages still live traditionally in bamboo huts roofed in traditional bamboo leaves. Water is still being carried in small bamboo containers. The remoteness of Zhemgang region is itself a trekker’s delight. As for Sarpang, the best trekking route available is the one to the Royal Manas National park.