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There are six important districts in Western Bhutan. They are Thimphu, Paro, Haa, Wangdue Phodrang, Punakha and Gasa. A special attention given to exploring better ways of getting better sights in these districts makes them some of the preferable districts in the country. During the pleasant summer, you can delve into the wonders of a living culture by being part of the summer festival of Haa. The Shamanic rituals and other folk dances are the major highlights of the festival. For nature lovers, summer is also a season when the rare Himalayan flowers bloom. You may also take a daring trek to Nob Tsonapatra that has interesting legends to offer.


In the capital city Thimphu, you can witness the Takin Festival, Balloning, Hand Gliding, MICE & GNH conferences, meditation and wellness facilities. You may visit temples, dzongs(fortresses) and museums or attend to a festival where textiles come to life. Festivals abound throughout the year and trips can be tailored in accordance. Punakha festival marvels you with the historical depiction of medieval warriors who defended Bhutan with swords and shields. Experience the plantation of rice in early summer or the harvests of the same in autumn. The golden hue of ripening rice fields are photographers’ delight in autumn. Do not miss the museums. Paro museum (Tadzong), reveals the history, cultural, and in Thimphu, let the Folk Heritage museum enthuse you with farmers’ livelihood.

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