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Festival Tours and Treks to Medieval Bhutan


bhutan festival tours,Bhutan festival photography tripBhutan is one of the global hot spots on earth. What enriches the Bhutan’ culture are the festivals that have been passed down for generations. Untouched by modernization, the mythological festivals are uniquely Bhutanese. Whether you are longing for a change of environment or you want to experience a festive feeling in the Himalaya, Bhutan is an excellent choice. Despite the medieval and rustic touch, Bhutanese festivals have received words of appreciation and the growing popularity continues to attract large number of tourists from across the Globe. Bhutanese love social gatherings and present themselves in spirit of celebration, an integral part of the Bhutanese tradition and culture. It is during festivals that one gets to see Bhutanese from all walks of life making fun, playing, flirting and drinking alcohol. Festivals open door to the Bhutanese way of life and are considered annual gathering for the family members scattered across the country. Linked to spirituality, festivals are annual events in all corners of Bhutan.

Tsechu (Tse- Date Chu – Ten) is the most recognized and respected amongst festivals conducted during the auspicious tenth day of the Bhutanese calendar. While it marks the annual gathering, Tsechu is celebrated to remember and respect the great deeds of Guru Padmasambhava, the tantric master who spread Mahayana Buddhism in the entire Himalayan region in the 8th century. It is during that century that mask dances were invented. Tsechus are dominated by multicolored Mask Dances of ancient times, depicting the struggles of Buddhism in the face of evils. Monks and lay persons in brilliant costumes perform Cham (mask dance), which signifies the legendary events of religious importance. The music of cymbals, drums, large and small horns, conches and bells accompany the dancers as they bend, whirl and leap on the courtyard of a Dzong (Fortress). The mask dances are said to bring blessings to onlookers. Dancers wrap their heads with cloth strips to protect from the weight of the masks. The dancers with colorful costumes and masks represent the wrathful and compassionate deities, heroes, demons, the dead and animals. Their movements tell the stories about history and fantasy.  The dances depict the religious and social lives and movements reflect deep devotion, compassion, tolerance, and harmonious living. The mask dancers represent the deities that are encountered when one journeys through the intermediate phase of death and rebirth. Atsaras (masked clowns) entertain the crowds, mimic the religious dancers and make fun of onlookers. Tsechu invites big and rare gatherings where Bhutanese present themselves in their finest hand woven dresses with bright patterns exhibiting the rich Bhutanese art and tradition. Presenting themselves in best attire in such occasions is believed to be another way of pleasing the deities, which will bring them merit, luck and prosperity.

photo tours during festivalFestivals are conducted in Dzongs and monasteries. Some monasteries are far flung while some are about half an hour walk from the motor able road.  During these festival trips, you will travel to various parts of Bhutan depending on the tour programs you select.

With the aim to offer better service and opportunities to the outsiders to experience festivals in Bhutan, Bhutan Creative Tours have designed a festival tour package popularly known as “Festival Tours in Bhutan”. We put first the client’s taste and availability of time on our mind, therefore, the tour package has been carefully tailored to suit a variety of international needs. A client wishing to make best out of time in Bhutan can combine the tour with the cultural and trekking tours. For memorable tour, we need at least a year ahead to confirm the tours and enable us serve our clients at our best. Six months or less is considered as last minute booking, meaning that tour confirmation cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, now is the opportune time to book your trip/tour for the next year.Please do check with our festival dates for this year and next year


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