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Bhutan’s rush hour festival –travellers’ nightmare

Bhutan Tour Organizers face rush hour during festival (Tshechu) season, so they are less interested to promote popular festivals in Bhutan, which are major tourist attraction events in Bhutan. Yet, the Bhutan Creative Tour promotes exclusively the taste of authentic festivals of remote Bhutan, which helps the rural communities to earn livelihood from ecotourism. Bhutan [...]

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Black necked cranes in Bhutan: Honeymoon or winter holidays?

Just a few days ago, a pair of two adult black necked cranes landed in the winter habitat at Phobjikha, after flying a distance of around 200 km over high barren hills of the Tibetan plateau. It marks the beginning of migration by the cranes to the winter roosting ground in Bhutan. Phobjikha receives between [...]

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Bhutan’s rare mountain festival with adventurous tours and treks to become an annual event

local horse racing during mt.jomolhari festival

Mount Jomolhari, an important peak with religious significance has come into national limelight after the recent and the first Bhutan’s rare mountain festival with adventurous tours and treks.Mount Jomolhari is about two days walk from the motor able road. A traveler is often surprised by the serene environment of the valley. Despite being far and [...]

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Scenic Bhutan and Photography Tours and Treks

If you are given to seductions and aspirations to photograph the Himalayan sceneries, from virgin forests to the prayer wheels and multicolored prayer flags, Bhutan is an excellent choice you cannot deny. The natural environment with unique sceneries and the hospitable Bhutanese people in their traditional clothes are very much liked by photographers. Photographers find [...]

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Festival Tours and Treks to Medieval Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the global hot spots on earth. What enriches the Bhutan’ culture are the festivals that have been passed down for generations. Untouched by modernization, the mythological festivals are uniquely Bhutanese. Whether you are longing for a change of environment or you want to experience a festive feeling in the Himalaya, Bhutan [...]

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All set for busier tourism in Bhutan

Over 28,000 US dollar paying tourists and 38,000 regional tourists visited Bhutan before August 2013.Spring and autumn mark the best time for tourism because of the variety of festivals and good weather for hiking, trekking and bird watching. The number of tourists visiting Bhutan is comparatively higher during these seasons. This year, before August, Bhutan saw 28,103 international or US dollar paying [...]

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Western Bhutan

There are six important districts in Western Bhutan. They are Thimphu, Paro, Haa, Wangdue Phodrang, Punakha and Gasa. A special attention given to exploring better ways of getting better sights in these districts makes them some of the preferable districts in the country. During the pleasant summer, you can delve into the wonders of a [...]

Southern Bhutan

Known to be the ecological hub, the southern Bhutan has seven southern districts. They are Samtse, Chukha, Dagana, Tsirang, Sarpang, Zhemgang and Pemagatshel. For the nature oriented tours withirresistiblecultural highlights the district ofZhemgang is recommended. The district has the famous Dunmang hot spring known to cure several ailments.You can also find other hot springs in [...]

Eastern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan is the pulse of adventure travel and the region less travelled. Travellers are immersed into a world of unexplored trekking, historical and cultural escapades, great scenery, textiles highlights and natural wonders. The culturally rich districts of eastern Bhutan offer many spiritual festivals and the rare animist rituals and Bon practices. We welcome you [...]

Central Bhutan

The districts of Trongsa and Bumthang comprise central Bhutan. Central Bhutan is home to many sacred monuments in the countryand has unique attractions. The two districts were the seat of our two Kingsand these districts defined much of our history. In Bumthang, one may attend the Nomads festival of Bumthang and delve into the wonders [...]