Bhutan Exclusive Tours

Bhutan Exclusive Tours

Bhutan Exclusive Tours,ia photography tour, photography in Asia gives inside of Bhutan Eco tourism. Trip Asia, Trek Himalaya, Travel Bhutan, Bhutan TourBhutan Exclusive Tours create personalized itineraries like Asia photography tour, photography in Asia gives inside of Bhutan Eco tourism. Trip Asia, Trek Himalaya, Travel Bhutan, Bhutan Tour for individuals and Exclusive groups based on the availability of your time and the things that you are interested in.. We have vast experience in the tourism industry in Bhutan and we can offer you very personalized attention, careful service, and the benefits of our knowledge, experience and connections to the people of this beautiful kingdom. Call or email us for trip consultation, advice and itinerary planning for your Exclusive visit.

Bhutan Photography Tours

13 Days | Trip Code: T018

photography trip to Asia. Bhutan Photography Tours,Photography Tour Trip Description

On your search for photography trip to Asia. Bhutan Photography Tours or Photography Tour to Bhutan is the rite choice and one will come across photographic seductions and have abundant opportunities to photograph the Himalayan ice peaks, the virgin forests, the unique plants and flowers, the Dzongs (fortresses), the temples, the chorten (stupas), the prayer wheels and multicolored prayer flags, the farm houses, the yak or horse caravans, the hospitable Bhutanese people in their traditional clothes, and many more. Bhutan with its brilliant colors, compelling architecture, irresistible allure, and unique culture is definitely a place for photographers.

Bhutan Textile Tours

17 Days | Trip Code: T018

Bhutan Textile ToursTrip Description

When you explore Asian textile tour doesn’t miss Bhutan textile tour or textile in Bhutan which is a living textile museum of Himalaya. The Bhutanese textiles are the highest form of art and spiritual expression. The indigenous knowledge and unique skills on textiles have been passed down for generations. By exploring these unique and authentic textiles of Bhutan, visitors are made to wonder on how the mountain people were able to craft one of the most traditional yet sophisticated weaving cultures in the history of civilization.

Tour Flavor of Bhutan

05 Days | Trip Code: T018

Tour Flavor of BhutanTrip Description

Tour Flavor of Bhutan. For visitors planning a visit to Bhutan less than a week, we recommend the tour package ” Tour Flavor of Bhutan. It is an ideal and quick way to experience the glory and the myth of Bhutan. This tour package can serve as an extension of trip for travelers in South East Asia who would like to make short visit in Bhutan. The extension can be before or after your trip in any of the South East Asian countries.